Verizon [VZN] Joins RVU Alliance

RVU Alliance to Promote New Remote User Interface Based on DLNA

EL SEGUNDO, Calif., Sept. 2, 2009 – The RVU Alliance announced today that Verizon will become its fifth Founding Promoter.

Verizon joins Broadcom, Cisco, DIRECTV and Samsung, in the alliance to develop a specification for a new “pixel accurate” Remote User Interface (RUI) that will form the core of the new RVU home networking technology. The objective is to make it simple and easy for consumers to connect multiple electronic devices to create powerful home entertainment systems.

“Joining the Alliance gives us the chance to help lead the industry to an ever-simpler process for integrating consumer electronics into the home entertainment experience,” said Richard Lynch, CTO of Verizon. “Verizon is working to let our customers enjoy their advanced FiOS TV experience throughout the home on any device simply and easily. When adopted by consumer electronics manufacturers, RVU will enable that vision.”

Henry Derovanessian, chairman of the RVU Alliance board of directors and vice president at DIRECTV Inc., said, “Verizon is a perfect fit within the RVU Alliance leadership, strengthening the RVU technology by ensuring it meets the needs of a larger complement of content service provider networks.”

The Alliance’s RVU technology approach, which uses DLNA as its foundation, will be to serve content via a single server in the home that then communicates via IP links with networked devices in the home. Key benefits of this client-server-based, home-network architecture include elimination of set-top boxes, resulting in reduced clutter for consumers and reduced costs for operators, and flexibility for the consumer to view television on any device on the home network while maintaining a common user-experience.


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2 Responses to “Verizon [VZN] Joins RVU Alliance”

  1. jeffvinsoniptv Says:


    LG may have what you need:
    “LG also announced another wireless Blu-ray device, this time in the shape of a “plug and play” solution – the HLB54S soundbar with built-in Blu-ray player. It too has built-in WiFi, as well as a wireless subwoofer, DLNA compatibility, 1080p video upscaling and a total of 430W of amplification.”

    Wireless sound and a whole lot more.

    Keep pushing forward
    Jeff Vinson

  2. Frank Giannuzzi Says:

    Having worked in both Professional Broadcast Television, and Consumer Electronics along with being a consumer my hope and dream would be for a stable “wireless” audio surround sound system so we all can say good bye to wires, cables, holes in walls, and multiple remotes.

    Is anyone working on such a convenient, practical, and almost utility type of home theater technology? Waiting to “cut the chord(s)” lol

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